So... you've become a member, and wanna sign up for a surf? This is how it works... 



Before you can sign up for a surf session you have to complete a simple swim test. You can do a swim test at any of our fitness sessions in the Aquatics Center at ASV.

Fitness sessions occur on Thursdays at 7.30 pm.



Once you're a fully paid member and have completed the swim test you can sign up for a surf! Sign up happens at socials, which are at 8.30pm in Drummonds every Wednesday.

We'll post the sign up sheets on Facebook each week, along with a Reserve list - so get involved with our group.  



You've signed up for the surf, now all you need to do is come along!

We meet at 1pm in the Clubhouse every Wednesday. There we sort out everybody with the works - wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood & board - before walking down to the beach together.


As with most sea sports, it's entirely dependent on the weather forecast.

We'll post up on Facebook if the forecast isn't safe to take you out, otherwise check out the forecast below for a guide on number of jumpers/flasks of tea required etc. If you don't quite understand the forecast, check out our help sections or get in contact via facebook.