The surf club is one of the most active clubs within University of Aberdeen. Weather permitting, we meet at least four times a week to socialise, train, and surf.

The surf week starts on Wednesday at 8.30pm, where we meet  up for our socials. At the socials we hang out, drink a lot of nice beer at Underdog, and head out - but most importantly we also take the surf list for the following Wednesday.  To sign up for the list you must have completed the swim test before you are due to go surfing. To do a swim test, just come along to any of our swim sessions - these are on Thursdays at 7.30pm and Saturdays at 6.30pm in the Aquatics Centre at ASV. At the swim sessions we also do some training to increase our general fitness and stamina for surfing. We then take a surf on Wednesday at 1pm.

Throughout the year we also hold bigger social events like pubcrawls, flat crawls and movie nights. We also like to go away at least once a term - so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming trips!


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