Who can join?

Anyone! For your own personal ease you may as well be situated near Aberdeen - but even then we're not fussy! You don't have to be a student and you don't need to have any surfing experience either, so there's no excuse really!


How to join...

Step 1 - Membership

Like all uni clubs, to be an official member you need to pay up with AUSA (hit the link below). First, you join the group where you'll be directed on how to pay membership fees. If you're not studying at University of Aberdeen, don't worry we got you. It doesn't matter if you're RGU or anywhere else, or even not studying, you can still pay membership through AUSA, so no excuses!

Step 2 - get in touch

We have a Fresher's social to kick the year off and get to know all the new members. Simply turn up to the social at Underdog and say hi!

If you need any more information on the club here at Aberdeen or just want to get in touch outwith a social, our Facebook group is probably where you need to go - just hit the link below. If Facebook isn't your thing, we also have a club email - surf@abdn.ac.uk 


CONTACT: surf@abdn.ac.uk